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I was so happy when I found out about Flixbus. Whenever I can take a bus or train to my next destination, I will choose that over flying. Even when I was travelling through Australia, I travelled mostly by bus, car or train – my longest bus journey being 32 hours.

But to me it’s worth it. It makes me see more of the landscape, and it’s more environmentally friendly (and usually cheaper!).

Flixbus is the largest bus network in Europe, and at the moment you can choose between more than 2500 destinations in 31 different countries.

Check out the map below to see all the different travel destinations you can choose from.

Since 2018 they are also operating in the United States, with 130 destinations at the time of writing this article. How amazing is that!? On this map you can see all the cities they are travelling to and from at the moment.

The seats are super comfortable and there is Wi-Fi on board, so there is no reason to be bored on your journey. There is also a toilet and every seat has power outlets.

Of course travelling by bus is more eco friendly than flying, but next to that, you can also choose to donate a small amount to a certified climate protection project. To do this, simply tick the “CO2 compenation” box when you are making a booking. This environmental contribution will be about 1-3% of the original ticket price and will be added automatically.

I have used Flixbus a few times myself, and I have never been disappointed. Most of the time, I had two seats to myself – which made the journey even more comfortable. With these cheap prices, there is no more excuse to travel by airplane.

The busses were always on time, and the drivers were super friendly and helpful. I will definitely choose Flixbus over flying anytime!

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