How to Eat Healthy during the Holidays

May it be Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve… Holidays are well-known for overeating. These times of the year are usually filled with family gatherings, parties and a lot of food. As a result, many people are concerned about gaining weight during the holiday season, or they are scared about giving up on the healthy routines that they have already adapted.

Although this may happen a lot, there are definitely ways to nourish your body while still enjoying the holiday celebrations. 

1. Don't skip meals

I am very guilty of this one. I used to think that the more meals I would skip, the more food I could eat in the evening. However, I would always end up overeating and not being able to move afterwards.

So, eat as you normally would before you go. This will make you less likely to overeat.

2. Stay hydrated

Often, we mistake our hunger for thirst. Make sure to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated to avoid this.

3. eat conciously

Remember to eat slowly and think about chewing. Really notice the taste of what you’re eating. Take the time to enjoy your food. This will help digest the food more easily too.

4. Take a break

They say it takes around 20 minutes before our brain will tell our stomach it’s full. Having a break inbetween eating can help you stop overeating.

5. Strive to maintain weight instead of losing weight

We all know there is going to be a lot of tasty food, so losing weight might not be the best expectation for the holiday season. To not discourage yourself: focus on maintaining your current weight instead of losing it.

6. Have healthy dishes

You can still have delicious food without it being unhealthy! Prepare your favourite healthy dishes, or substitute the ingredients in your traditional holiday meals for healthier alternatives.

7. Pay attention to what you're drinking

Of course, (alcoholic) drinks can contain a lot of calories as well. So try to drink less alcohol or other sugary drinks, or go for a low-fat drink.

8. Keep moving

I know it’s lovely to snuggle up on the couch and watch some movies, especially during Christmas. But try to get some movement as well! Go for a walk, do some physical activities with the family or even do a small, powerful workout in the morning.

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