How to Ground Yourself After Travelling

In another blog post I wrote about the post-travel blues. A great way to beat that, is by grounding. Keep reading if you want to learn how to ground yourself after travelling and be happy again.

The last months of my latest travels I was volunteering at a yoga retreat, so I learnt a lot about yoga, meditation and all things related. Thus, when I returned from my trip, I thought the best way to adapt was to keep meditating, do yoga and listen to mantras. 

Turned out I was completely wrong.

Of course those things are great for you, but it wasn’t helping me to actually ‘land’ in my home country. I was still floating around, as some might call it. I ended up going to a foot reflexologist. At first I proudly told her all the things I was doing to try to keep myself sane, so I was quite surprised when she told me I had to ground instead of float. But it totally made sense! In my head I was still at the yoga retreat in Australia. I was still eating curries every day because it reminded me of the retreat and my time in Southeast Asia. 

My body simply didn't know what was going on and where I was.

Now, do you think these tips might help you?

The main things I did was walking bare feet and eating seasonal fruits and veggies. Especially since I was feeling so lazy and these tips seemed the simplest. And it has helped me big time! Have you got any others tips on how to ground yourself after travelling?
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