My Vegan Journey

My vegan journey began when I watched Cowspiracy. That was the first time I considered going vegan. I never knew that eating meat had such a massive impact on the environment. After the documentary I ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge and freezer to see what I had to eliminate. And it were a lot of things… I kind of tried to eat plant-based then but I got a bit discouraged. I ended up just cutting out meat as much as ‘possible’ and switching to a plant-based butter.

One year later, I started traveling again.

During this trip I was sometimes vegetarian and sometimes vegan. I kept switching back and forth because of temptations and insecurity. I felt ashamed of having to admit that I didn’t want to eat meat. Especially when I was staying at other people’s houses. I was scared that I would annoy them since they were cooking for me. 

After 8 months of travelling, I went to a yoga retreat in Sydney where I was going to volunteer. At this retreat they only eat vegetarian meals and have a lot of vegan options. I decided that this was THE best time to fully go vegan. And I did. My world opened up. I never thought that vegan food could be SO delicious.

With this realization, I knew it was going to be so easy.

Of course I had some ‘weak’ moments where I couldn’t resist to eat something non-vegan. But I usually felt bad afterwards. This could be guilt, or just having an upset stomach. Even this past year I had some cheat moments where I ate a bit of chocolate, a cake or mayonnaise. But right now, I can proudly say that I have gained a massive resistance against these things. And if I can’t resist something, I try not to be too hard on myself. 

It's really a journey where you keep learning and growing.

So from the moment I watched the documentary, it took me like 1,5 years to go vegan. And the vegan journey always continues. You keep learning and finding new ways to maintain your lifestyle. If you’re finding it hard, please be patient with yourself and do as much as possible within your comfort. It’s not as simple as: “Just stop eating it.” It’s about unlearning, willpower, resistance, self-discipline and building confidence. If your WHY is big enough, you will get there.

Do you want to know more about MY why? Read about it here.

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