Zero Waste Christmas Gifts

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I absolutely love Christmas. But, the part I don’t like, is all the waste that comes with it. Right now, I am mainly talking about all the presents that are being bought for this time of the year. 

Of course, it is so nice to buy presents for your loved ones and receive some gifts as well. However, how much better would it be if we can start giving gifts that are better for our planet and won’t turn into waste?

Gift-giving has been so joyful again since I started to learn more about zero waste shopping. To me, zero waste Christmas gifts can be a few different things. Products that will make you stop using plastic, handmade or homemade stuff, secondhand items or digital products.


Zero Waste Christmas Gift Sustainable Products

1. Sustainable Products

A sustainable lifestyle does not mean that you can not buy actual products anymore. Instead, invest in items that will help you to cut plastic out of your life, or get biodegrable products.

  • Reuseable straws
  • Plants or seeds
  • Bamboo products
  • Eco-friendly watch or sunglasses
  • Tote bags / grocery shopping bags
  • Package free toiletries
  • Secondhand shop goodies
  • Safety razor
Zero Waste Christmas Gift To Do Gift

2. To Do Gift

These are one of my personal favourites! I love gifting activities that I can do together with the recipient.

  • Restaurant coupon
  • Massage
  • Concert
  • Cooking lessons
  • Winery/brewery
  • Cinema
  • Museum
  • Gift coupon for (family) photo’s
  • Ballet/symphony
  • Cook someone a dinner
  • Learn a new skill (guitar lessons for example)
Zero Waste Christmas Gift DIY

3. DIY

Gifts that are handmade contain 10 times more love than others. It’s not only fun for them to receive, but also for you to make them.

  • Cookies in a jar
  • Soup mix kit
  • Regift something that you won’t use anymore
  • Knitted clothing
Zero Waste Christmas Gifts Digital Prodcuts

4. Digital Gift

Now, these gifts don’t even need wrapping!

  • Audible
  • Digital magazine
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
Zero Waste Christmas Gifts Donate

5. Donate

When someone already has more than they can ask for, ask them about their favourite charities and donate to one that’s close to their heart.

  • ‘Adopt’ an animal
  • Donate to their favourite charity

I hope you will have a lovely Christmas and that your loved ones will be super happy with these zero waste Christmas gifts. 

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